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What is Email Subscription Rate?

Email Subscription Rate is the number of website visitors who subscribe to your email list out of everyone who visits your site.

Where is it used?

In marketing, particularly looking at visitors to a Web page or your site as a whole. For more information, check out our post on Marketing KPIs.

Why is it important?

Because email marketing is so effective while also being relatively inexpensive. Generally, the more active readers you can have on an email list, the higher your odds of success in a marketing campaign.

How does Email Subscription Rate relate to other KPIs?

It’s all part of the funnel. The more visitors who subscribe, the more potential opens and customers you can have.

How is it calculated?

Metrics Needed

  1. Total Website Visitors
  2. Number of Website Visitors Who Subscribe


Email Subscription Rate = (Number of Website Visitors Who Subscribe / Total Website Visitors) * 100

Do you have an example?

Madalina Andrei created a clean (and neat!) dashboard breaking down subscription rates:

HR KPI | Email Subscription Rate

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